Hello blogging world!

In recent years, I have been an avid reader in the educational world, but have struggled with ways of sharing, expanding on and/or examining my own learning.  I am hoping this Blog becomes a tool to help me in those areas.  I read constantly but often it feels as though the information I am taking in is like fruit left on the vine.  Unused, and un-examined there are times I feel the information I have been taking in, while good, has yet to meet its full potential.  I have used much of it in a passing way:  Footnotes in my conversations,  planning, and PD.  I wish to do much more with what I am dedicating a great deal of my intellectual capital towards.  I plan on using this platform to model for students, share with colleagues, and go deeper into my own understanding of topics I have been examining through my exposure to books, blogs, videos, personal experiences, articles and twitter.

The title Seeds and Soil, comes from a growth metaphor I have been using lately to look at what exactly we are trying to work on as an educators.  Dr. Anthony Muhhamed  (@newfrontier21) talks about the time we put into PD around the seeds of education, and the importance of also making sure we take care of the soil we are planting these seeds into.  As I am beginning this Blog to take care of my own “Soil”as an educator, I thought it would be an apt title for my initial foray into the work of Edublogging.

I recently had the opportunity to sit in on a presentation from George Couros, author of The Innovator’s Mindset.  In the book, and the presentations I saw, @gcouros advocates that we become creators of content, as well as consumers.  With this Blog, I hope to reinvent myself as an educator using just that philosophy.

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